New York City in 3 Days

New York City in 3 Days Tips on your first time to New York. 
-Buy a metro card. Since I was only staying a few days my friend and I decided to buy the metro card with unlimited rides for 7-days. It cost a total of $33 but it was well worth it. Each single ride is about $3 each. So if you can use the card 11 times, it pays for itself. 

-Stay outside the city. Since I drove to NY I was petrified of leaving my car. Since we stayed in Astoria it was taken care of. We have free street parking and we can literally go anywhere with the metro. 

-Plan out each day prior to going out. For example if we would have known Coney Island was hot and there was a place to go swimming we could have planned a whole day there. 

Day 1

Central Park

I suggest going to Central Park first. It’s a nice relaxed place with tons of Greenery. Since I’m from Kentucky it literally felt like a piece of home. At one point I really thought I was on a hike through the forest. If the outdoors isn’t your thing then stick to the lake in Central Park.

Time Square
After Central Park we took the Metro to Time Square. I always heard it was best at night but we arrived it was a little early. Perfect time to explore the shops around. There was the M&M store and the Hersey store. Literally died of happiness on the inside. Good tip as well is that the M&M shop added a printing machine recently so you can customize your own Candies right in the store !

Once we had our fills the shops it was now time for the lights at time square. I honestly couldn’t tell if it was night or day with all the screens and commercials playing. But Beautiful none the less.

McGee’s Irish Pub
I was told “How I met your Mother” was based around this bar. Unfortunately it was filmed in L.A. with a different name. But apparently this is the bar that inspired the bar in the show. If you are a HIMYM fan, this is definitely a must see. I even got a t-shirt haha. 

Day 2 

On day two we decided to go to lower Manhattan since there was so much we wanted to see. We started off with the farthest destination first and worked out way back up.

Coney Island
Honestly it was the farthest away but well worth the view. If you have a full day and you want to relax and have fun, go here. There are rides, the boardwalk, a pier, and the beach of course. If we would have known earlier that there was so much to do I would have definitely spent the majority of the day there laying out in the sun. 

Brooklyn Bridge

We then took the metro to the closest place to the Brooklyn entrance to the bridge. It was so much easier going straight to lower Manhatten. I thought this bridge was gorgeous. Definitely worth the walk across. It was a little windy in the middle but none the less worth it. 

9/11 Memorial
From the Brooklyn bridge it was an easy walk, maybe 12 minutes from the exit of the bridge. This was one of the things I have wanted to see since the event. Anytime I ever ask any of my friends where they were during the event every single one can tell me. And how they remember that day. I didn’t go into the museum because I thought the pools of water representing the twin towers was powerful enough. Also right beside the memorial is the World Trade Center.

Staten Island Ferry
Since we wanted to keep going for the day we decided to take the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty at Staten Island. In our conclusion we realized the better view was from the Ferry rather than the Island. Since we didn’t plan in advance we wanted to go to Little Italy so we took the next ferry back and didn’t even stay on the island more than 10 minutes haha.

Little Italy

I have a friend from the south of Italy so I just had to go and see what this place was all about. If anyone has been to Italy you will know it’s exactly like it is in the city. Loads of restaurants and eager gentlemen trying to catch your eye on their menu. And everything is covered in white, green, and red. The colors of the Italian flag. 

DŌ: A Cookie Dough Experience 

Last but not least we finished out our day with some cookie dough. I saw an episode on the food network channel in regards to new ideas and had to see what the fuss was all about. It was definitely worth it. I only had one scoop and had to get a lid to take it home to finish later.

Day 3

Since we rushed around our second day we decided to make today a more relaxed day. 

5th Avenue
Now if you are a shopping addict I advise to not go down this street haha. It has everything from Gucci, to Sephora. I didn’t know where to go next.

St Patrick Cathedral 

Since I traveled all around Europe the past year Cathedrals aren’t really a shocker anymore. However since the United States is such a new country it always astounds me to see such architecture in a city surrounded by modern buildings. If you have never been to Europe I highly recommend this as a stop. It’s not only a piece of art but a piece of history that was brought over from Europe. Not literally but the making and spirit of it was. 

New York Public Library 

I didn’t get to go in but if you have time it looked breathe-taking from the outside. And if anyone knows “The Day After Tomorrow” then you know it took place all in that library. I know there is more to it than that but I am a huge movie fan and I compare everything to what I have seen through movies. 

Wall Street

From there we took the metro to Wall Street. Literally all we saw was the New York Stock exchange and that was big enough. Sad to say but I basically wanted to see where the Wolf of Wall Street was 😉

Central Park

If you are lucky enough to go to the big city during the summer, you have to check out the film festival held in Central Park. It’s free. Yes you heard me, FREE! And this summer they chose to feature films specifically shot in NY! We were fortunate enough to see “The Great Gatsby.” But if you plan on doing this remember to bring a blanket. It was packed and soooo worth it. 

The Top of the Rock 

Sadly we didn’t get to go to this only because there was always a line and it was about $34 per person. If you don’t mind waiting in line and the price by all means go. Everyone that we talked to raved about the views at the top.

Overall I think it was a pretty successful trip. Now to add my splash of bourbon onto my next trip 🙂 

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