Keukenhof: My Holland Experience 

I don’t know what I was expecting by entering Keukenhof. Maybe a couple of areas with some flowers. Maybe a glass building exhibiting specific kinds ouly found throughout Europe. But it was so much more. 

As I entered I immediately saw the colors. It’s what drew me in. Orange, yellow, pink, I couldn’t take my eyes away. They reminded me of my grandmother.


My grandma used to grow flowers outside her house. A little garden not even the size of a queen size bed filled with flowers. I remember tulips were her favorite since they reminded her of Easter. 

As soon as I started seeing the different colors, I raced as if they would dissapear. My camera turned into my eyes for the day. I just kept thinking of my grandma and her little garden.

As if my eyes were trying to trick me I knew I had to capture the colors I was seeing. Not a moment went by that I didn’t think it was worth a picture. 

So if I had to go again, I would. Sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the little things. Even though my day was filled with looking at flowers; it was worth every minute. I’ll never forget my time at Keukenhof.

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