Privas: Les Trois Croix (The Three Crosses)

If you are wondering what this post is about, stay tuned.

This past year I have had the pleasure of living in a small town in Ardeche called Privas. At times I worried it was too small but later on realized I haven’t even seen half.

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday. Perfect day to go to the “Les Triox Croix.” Time for enjoying to nice weather in the South of France. Seriously that’s all I ever heard of when I told everyone I was going to the South of France. 

“Enjoy the weather there!” 

“Oh my gosh you are so lucky you are going to the South of France.”

Numerous times I heard these phrases. So I took advantage of the weather this time and took a beautiful hike. I mean can you just look at it! 

Yes that’s my “little town” of Privas. 

Anyways probably the easiest and most rewarding hike I have gone on so far! While we were all laughing and laying in the sun, I just took it all in. 

Staring out into the abyss as if it was endless. Feeling the sun on my skin as I gazed at the snowy moutains far away. I could feel the goose bumps creeping up as I reflected my time from this year. Reminiscing about how we were all strangers only months ago and now I feel like they are a part of me. 

No one will quite understand the same frustrations, accomplishments, and failures like we did. We shared a wonderful journey of growing. I definitely see that I have grown into more of a person that I have always wanted to be. 

That’s what the “Le Troix Croix” gave me that day. The reassurance that we are all going down a different path, and that’s okay. 

I just couldn’t imagine a better Easter Sunday. Not a lot of people know this but I am a Christian and I think differently than a lot of Christians. This day has always been special to me and it has just reminded me of the sacrifices that were made and that we make everyday to live the lives we are currently living.

I am just very thankful for this experience and I couldn’t imagine leaving my petite town any other way. 

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