Hidden Places of Ardeche: Coux 

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we approached the stop. Almost every day I would have to take the bus in one form or the other. But there is nothing like exploring a new town for the first time.

Even thought this was a tiny town, it was beautiful. Around every corner it felt like a new passage way. Leading into another uncertain direction. I think when exploring that’s the most exciting part. Going into it with uncertainty and coming out thinking it was better than expected. That’s what I would call Coux. A hidden secret.

If you are wanting to go somewhere that not a lot of people visit, then you must see Coux. Every little french town has its own personality yet has similarities. From the bricks that went into making each house to the tiny flower gardens sitting on every window sill. 

By the end of the day we found a little trail to the creek. We just sat there for hours. Trying to do yoga, skip rocks, and trying not to fall in. Best way to end the day, relaxing with your friends. 

Tips for Coux 

  1. It’s a small town so take your time. Explore around. 
  2. There are also multiple hikes around the area. But be prepared to explore a little bit because the hikes aren’t really marked in the beginning.
  3. There is a campground on the location if you are looking for accommodations. But look into the dates first as a lot of campgrounds don’t open until the end of April.
  4. Go down to the creek. It’s a little tricky at first but just seeing nature at its finest was my favorite part. 
  5. And don’t forget to enjoy your time just taking it all in. 

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