Interesting Sunday Bike Ride 

This weekend I was invited to stay over at the English teachers house that I work with weekly. It has been such a wonderful weekend. 

Apparently in France, typically families have 2 children. She has four; Two girls and two boys. We have stuffed our faces with made-from-scratch dinners and apple tarts. 

Today, I went for a wonderful bike ride. We saw the Rochemaure Bridge. Apparently it was destroyed in WWII and restored to a suspension bridge in 2014. After we crossed the bridge we decided to ride along the trail. Earlier I saw a van and paid no attention to it. Myrium, my English teacher, asked me if I knew what the van was? I was like, ‘Uh no? Should I?’ She proceeded to tell me it was for prostitution…. what?? So we turned around and I saw the lady and man as she was closing the door. What??? Didn’t realize this exsists in France! And yes I have a picture of the van since I didn’t realize it was for prostitution!

Anyways that was the most exciting thing that happened. Here are some pictures of my bike ride! And I definitely could have used a drink after that encounter.  

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