Avignon: Je voudrais plus des temps

So if you are wondering about the title it reads “Avignon: I would like more time.”


Which I honestly did the phrase because it rhymes when you pronounce it in French. But I would love more time in Avignon.

While walking around I just kept thinking about what could have happened so long ago. Avignon actually was the home of the pope until 1791. Which obviously he resides in Italy now.

I wanted to spend more time here because it was so beautiful. Nothing really exciting happened except the other assistants and I had a picnic by the river. By the river that holds the unfinished famous bridge “Le pont d’Avignon.” You have to pay to walk across it but I thought it was just as breathtaking from below.

Only tip I have is you can definitely do Avignon in a day but I think it would be worth a night trip. Maybe no more than one night but definitely worth a stop in France.

The last picture I will show is where the pope used to live. And I’m sure if Kentucky bourbon was over in France at the time, he would have definitely had a shot or two 😉

One thought on “Avignon: Je voudrais plus des temps

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