Weekend Adventure to… Macedonia!

So I already know what you are thinking. What is a KY girl doing out in the middle of Eastern Europe. During my fall break I went and visited one of my fellow camp friends who is currently working as an English teacher in Macedonia.


Last time I visited I was astonished to see how many statues were in the capital, Skopje. I didn’t realize it at the time but there was paint covering all the statues that were not old but new. According to Sam, my friend from camp, the people of Macedonia were rebelling against their government. The current leader of the country spent millions of dollars building random ass sculptures and buildings to attract tourist. The problem with that is, Macedonia is a poor country. The people decided to rebel since the government would rather build random buildings than feed their staring people. At first I thought it was strange but I think it’s rather beautiful.


The photo above is one of the many sculptures that have the paint running down the lions eyes. I only got to spend about a day in Skopje so I hope to get more pictures this time around. This time I’m going to take many pictures of the art that was created through the passionate people of Macedonia. Stay tuned since I’ll be there tomorrow. And remember anytime calls for a shot of bourbon 😉

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